Tech SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audit Service

Take a deep dive into your technical SEO

Get a complete overview of all technical SEO issues on your website

Get a complete technical SEO overview and recommendations on how to solve them based on priority. Understand which tasks will have the most impact on your rankings and help your developers follow technical SEO best practices with ease.

Why should you run a technical SEO audit?

The problem and solution might be buried in your technical SEO!

Is this you?….

抽 Youre creating a ton of great content but not ranking

You used to rank but rankings have dropped

Youre migrating your site and want to mitigate any risks

You want to ensure your site follows technical best practices for search and for users!

If you can recognise yourself in any of these, you need our technical SEO audit!

A custom SEO audit, not just a download from an SEO tool

Customised audits

All our audits are bespoke and custom-made depending on your goals and the size of your website.

Our SEO experts will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and provide you with a comprehensive view of your technical set-up. This is done by utilising several premium technical SEO tools and looking at the data in a holistic and an analytical way. We won’t dump everything and the kitchen sink in there and not help you prioritise!

You will know what needs to be done and what to prioritise.

Karen Howard
Karen Howard
Managing Director | The Retail Bulletin
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We have been working with the Vixen Digital team for over a year now. They are creative, dedicated and have exceeded expectations with results and ideas. This is the first SEO agency in a decade that has actually delivered what they promised and then more!
Ross Davison
Ross Davison
Creative Director | Fable&Co.
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Maggie & the team at Vixen Digital have played a crucial role in the continued growth & success of our business. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together since 2020. We highly recommend Maggie & her team to anyone looking for expert digital marketing services.
Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen
CCO | Dressipi
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Absolutely brilliant in supporting my marketing team in going from no SEO experience or exposure whatsoever to being able to grow and inbound pipeline. I would use them again and again.
Manitu Szerman
Manitu Szerman
CEO | Universal Language Solutions
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Vixen Digital has provided our company with vital support, insight and consultancy across all our digital marketing platforms. I like how they manage expectations and don't over promise, which has been essential for our planning and budgeting.
Nick Lambert
Nick Lambert
Co-Founder | The Red Dog Company
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Vixen have been looking after our digital marketing for almost two years now; during that time we have seen a significant growth in online sales, and a positive return on investment, so very pleased with the result.

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SEO technical audits – packages that fit your website size!

All our technical SEO audits include the same elements. The difference is really in how big your website is and how in-depth we dive in. Have a look at the packages below and pick the right one for your needs.


Great for small businesses
£ 1200 (+VAT)
  • Up to 50 pages
  • Customised Audit
  • Prioritised Action Points

Domain Analysis: Ensuring domain health and configuration.

URL Design Review: Optimization of URL structure for SEO.

Indexability Check: Verifying crawlability and indexability of pages.

Structured Data Audit: Implementation and optimization of structured data markup.

Architecture Review: Assessment of website architecture for optimal SEO performance.

Linking Analysis: Evaluation of internal linking structure.

Speed Optimization: Basic speed optimization recommendations.

Content Evaluation: Basic content analysis and recommendations.

Mobile-Friendliness Check: Ensuring mobile compatibility and responsiveness.

JavaScript Analysis: Basic analysis of JavaScript impact on SEO.


Best for medium businesses
£ 2400
  • Up to 500 pages
  • Customised Audit
  • Prioritised Action Points

Extensive Domain Analysis: In-depth analysis of domain metrics and health.

URL Design Optimization: Detailed optimization of URL structure.

Comprehensive Indexability Check: Thorough examination of crawlability and indexability issues.

Advanced Structured Data Audit: Implementation and optimization of advanced structured data.

Detailed Architecture Review: Comprehensive assessment of website architecture.

Advanced Linking Analysis: In-depth evaluation of internal and external linking.

Advanced Speed Optimization: Advanced speed optimization techniques.

Content Strategy: Development of content strategy for improved SEO.

Mobile Optimization: Advanced mobile optimization techniques.

JavaScript Optimization: Comprehensive JavaScript analysis and optimization.


Ideal for e-commerce or enterprise
£ 3000 From
  • Over 500 pages
  • Customised Audit
  • Prioritised Action Points

Custom Domain Strategy: Tailored domain strategy for maximum SEO impact.

Advanced URL Design Optimization: Customized URL structure optimization.

Enterprise-Level Indexability Check: Scalable solutions for large websites.

Advanced Structured Data Implementation: Customized structured data implementation.

Enterprise Architecture Review: Scalable architecture solutions for large websites.

Enterprise Linking Analysis: Scalable linking strategies for large websites.

Enterprise Speed Optimization: Scalable speed optimization solutions.

Content Strategy Development: Advanced content strategy development.

Mobile Optimization: Enterprise-level mobile optimization solutions.

JavaScript Optimization: Enterprise-level JavaScript optimization solutions.

Technical SEO Bonuses

Every package comes with:

A clear task roadmap with actions segmented by priority and depending on the impact on achieving your SEO goals. The priority levels are

  • Critical
  • High Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority

Pointers for your developers on how to solve the technical issues found with best practice recommendations

A call to go over the results with one of our SEO experts who completed your SEO audit.

Learn how to create a successful SEO strategy for your business.

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