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This week, for Episode 18 of SEOs Getting Coffee, hosts Sean Carroll and Emina Demiri-Watson were honoured to welcome the founder & CEO of Grey Dot Company and SEO expert, Tory Gray, for a cup of coffee to share her top strategies for scaling SEO.

In the episode, Tory discusses key approaches such as leveraging user-generated content (UGC), navigating programmatic SEO, and seizing international growth opportunities. She also touches on the impact of AI in SEO, emphasising the importance of maintaining quality and integrity in content creation.

Join us for key insights and actionable tips from Tory to help enhance your business’s online presence.

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SEOs Getting Coffee - Episode #18: Scaling SEO with Tory Gray

Strategic Approaches to Scaling SEO

Tory shares her top three tactics for working with businesses aiming to scale their SEO efforts, as well as maintain scale.

Her approach includes making the most of content created by users to highlight a product’s journey in a genuine way, which can help build trust through openness and narratives.

She also covers programmatic SEO, focusing on optimising on a large scale while ensuring quality and relevance are maintained.

Additionally, Tory discusses the opportunities in expanding into new markets through internationalisation, where businesses can tailor localised content to resonate with each region’s audience.

Delving Deeper into Programmatic SEO

As the conversation progresses, Emina and Tory dive deeper into the intricacies of programmatic SEO. Emina introduces John Mueller’s recent views on the challenges and risks of programmatic content creation. Tory shares her thoughts on the need for cross-team coordination, quality and authenticity and questions common mindsets of SEOs when scaling content programmatically.

She goes on to stress the importance of careful structuring and thoughtful execution, balancing quantity with quality. Monitoring and managing content closely ensures it aligns with brand values and serves the audience effectively.

Programmatic SEO offers growth opportunities, but Tory shares advice for businesses on how to approach it whilst avoiding pitfalls and maintaining a strong online reputation.

The Dangers of AI in SEO

Sean asks Tory about the risks of using AI in programmatic SEO. Tory acknowledges potential dangers such as poor quality content and overuse of automation, which can result in duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and loss of originality.

She emphasises the importance of keeping a human touch in content creation and ensuring AI-driven strategies align with business goals and user needs.

SEO Scaling Up Opportunities

Next up, Emina explores opportunities for scaling up in SEO with Tory, who shares her thoughts on how businesses can achieve growth. Tory discusses the importance of strategic planning and aligning SEO goals with broader business objectives.

She highlights the potential of internationalisation as a key growth avenue, advising businesses to consider new markets with localised content and a tailored approach. 

Tory shares her success strategies from Craftsy, focusing on data-driven tactics such as scaling content creation and optimising for search engines. Her insights offer valuable takeaways for businesses seeking to grow their online presence.

Customisation and Overrides: Enhancing User Experience

Tory emphasises the significance of allowing customisations and overrides for specific use cases. For example, by offering users the flexibility to tailor experiences with the incorporation of UGC, businesses can provide more meaningful and personalised interactions, fostering long-term SEO and business success.

Measuring Success in SEO

The hosts pose the question of top tips for measuring success in SEO. Tory offers insights on the importance of metrics such as brand awareness and business value and recounts experiences of forging meaningful partnerships with well-known brands such as Disney and King Arthur Flour.

Tory and the hosts highlight the complexity of measuring success, noting that some of the most important aspects such as partnerships and community engagement aren’t always easily measurable. Conversely, not all measurable metrics necessarily indicate a brand’s true impact or growth.

Tory stresses considering the entire ecosystem when considering SEO success. By taking a holistic approach, businesses can foster genuine and lasting success beyond mere numbers.

Room 404: Managing AI and Rapid Changes in SEO

For this week’s Room 404 banishment, Tory discusses her concerns about the rapid pace of AI developments and their impact on content creation and SEO.

She suggests placing these swift and sometimes turbulent industry changes, including AI advancements and their subsequent SEO fallout in Room 404.


Episode 18 of SEOs Getting Coffee with Tory Gray offers a wealth of insights for those looking to scale their SEO efforts. The discussion covers topics such as user-generated content, programmatic SEO, internationalisation, and the ethical use of AI in SEO.
Tory’s focus on quality content, transparency, and strategic approaches provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of SEO. Her insights on measuring success and managing rapid changes in the industry present a comprehensive perspective on achieving sustained growth.

For more insights and in-depth conversations on the latest in SEO and digital marketing strategies, stay stuned for upcoming episodes of “SEOs Getting Coffee.” Subscribe to our channel for regular updates and expert opinions.

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