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Your Guide To Local SEO

SEO is a broad term that refers to the optimisation of a site on a particular search engine. Local SEO is just one is one important pathway that your business can take to target a local audience, for example, the city where you are based or other nearby locations.

What is Local SEO?

Simply put, while traditional SEO improves your visibility and ranking on a national or international scale, local SEO is designed to build your presence within local searches. According to Google statistics, 46% of all searches have local intent, this means that people are looking for you! So, if you can get your business to appear within their searches you are on to a winner!

What does local SEO look like?

So what does local SEO look like? Well, if a person searches for industry and location, for example, ‘SEO agency near Brighton’ the search engine will understand the local intent and bring up the most relevant information. This is also the case with other searches where local intent is assumed based on where the user is – even typing the words ‘SEO agency’ into Google will show local results.

Improve Your Local SEO

Establishing yourself locally is essential and since most people find nearby companies and services through search engines, getting your local SEO spot on will open up many more avenues for your business.

How Does Local SEO Work?

So, now you know what local SEO is, how exactly does it work? As mentioned, a local SEO strategy is based around the geographical location of your business or the location you are trying to target, as a way of increasing brand awareness. But how can you target a specific area? Well, when a user makes a local search whether that’s for a nearby coffee shop or local plumbing company, the search engine will crawl through your website doing the usual SEO checks as well as the local SEO ranking factors.

Here are some of those factors and how they are used to improve your local SEO ranking:

Google My Business

When you make a search with local intent or Google thinks you need a set of local results, this usually brings up the map pack – a set of 3 businesses including a map, contact info and reviews that are part of Google My Business (GMB). Having an active GMB account will not only help you secure a prime spot, but customers tend to choose businesses that they can easily find online and being listed in the map pack includes all of this information click of a button. You can also incorporate keywords into your account and they will appear organically the more reviews you get.

Using location-specific keywords

What might people in your area search for if they’re looking for the service or product that you’re offering? Broad terms can be more challenging to rank for, but still important, however, more specific searches such as ‘coffee shop near me’ or ‘coffee shops in Brighton’ can send you to the top when used in the right way. Incorporating location-specific keywords into your strategy will improve your visibility among local audiences and make your site more relevant to their searches.

Create location-specific landing pages

As good SEO practice, your services, product groups and operating areas should have their own landing pages. This helps Google understand exactly what you are offering so that specific pages can be ranked accordingly instead of having one simple page with no individualised content – how do you expect your Brighton location to show up in search results if it’s on the same page as your London location?

Each page should be unique, contain relevant localised keywords, be optimised in terms of headings, meta descriptions and links. Given the opportunity to create its own territory, location-specific landing pages can bring you closer to your audience. Learn more about this by reading about our SEO copywriting services.

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