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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialised type of writing that aims to create relevant, targeted content while optimising a site’s relationship with the search engine and audience – the ongoing result being to drive organic website traffic.

What is SEO Copywriting?

When done correctly, SEO copywriting should read like any other piece of copy, yet it’s value says so much more.

This type of writing focuses on creating copy that is both search engine friendly and user friendly, combining keyword research, on-page SEO, backlink link building, formatting, and creativity to engage readers and show Google that you are a relevant site that should be ranked highly.

SEO Copywriting Services

The Basics Of SEO Copy

For SEO copywriting to be successful, it must be written with the user in mind but include key SEO features. Two of the main and most effective ways of implementing SEO copywriting is through blog posts and optimised service pages. A good piece of optimised copy will be interesting, well structured, targeted and prompt action.

So, how does SEO copywriting achieve this? Well, there are several on-site elements to this kind of strategy including:


Every time a search engine query is made, Google ‘crawls’ your website’s content and evaluates whether your page is well optimised and relevant to the search. If you are deemed relevant, you will be ranked accordingly which could mean appearing on page 1 and therefore increase your organic CTR (Click Through Rate) and traffic to your site.

How Do Keywords Work?

Keywords are the phrases and words that users type into a search engine, also known as search queries. They are an important bridge between linking the information that people are searching for and the content you are providing, so if you are able to target these areas you will notice an increase in site traffic. However, simply stuffing keywords into your writing will do more harm than good. They must be carefully integrated into blogs, webpages, meta descriptions, headings and more.

The keywords that are included in your SEO copywriting should be unique to your business. Most SEO experts will use a reliable keyword planning tool to find the most commonly searched terms relating to your product or services – this will include words of various search volumes, intent, value and rank difficulty.

When a user is searching for a specific service, product or an answer to a question, they will use particular words or phrases in their search such as ‘digital marketing company in Brighton’. Therefore, a digital marketing company may have phrases such as ‘digital marketing services’ or ‘digital marketing consultancy’ in their strategy, but you can also target specific locations with phrases such as ‘digital marketing agency in Brighton’. Google will use this information to determine how relevant your content is to a particular search by giving it a ranking. So, without this information, how will Google rank your site? It won’t!

Why is SEO Copywriting So Important?

Today, it’s almost impossible to achieve the digital results you want without SEO. Optimised copywriting is one way of achieving this as it accomplishes two goals – appealing to the user and encouraging action to be taken on your site. You may be offering an amazing product or service, but if your website is not optimised people are going to have a tough time finding it. Quite simply, high-quality, relevant content equals relevant traffic and increased engagement, enquiries and sales.

Hiring an SEO copywriter is essential if you want to achieve the following things for your brand or company:

Become a trusted site by Google

Great SEO makes your content more visible and when you claim the perfect spot on Google your business can experience a huge boost. Organic CTR will help you become a trusted site and this will contribute to beating your competitors.

Provide the content that your audience is searching for

If you want to answer the queries of your audience and lead them to your site, an SEO copywriter will create optimised blog posts and webpages. Creating blog posts that educate, entertain and inform your readers is the kind of content they’re looking for.

Increase traffic and convince readers to take action

SEO copywriting can improve your visibility, so when you appear as one of the top search results users are more likely to take action. An engaging blog and high-quality copy can be enough to show just how valuable you are as a company, the result being more purchases and enquiries

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