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SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research involves targeting words and phrases that are being searched by your target audience. As a business, making yourself more relevant will improve organic site traffic and generate more action.

What is keyword research?

Keywords are the words and phrases that users put into search engines. For businesses, keyword research is a way of discovering the search queries that relate to your products and services so your content will rank as a top result for these users. The power of keywords allows you to understand your target market in so many ways – an insight that will put you ahead of your competition.

Keyword planning

For example, take a plumbing company who wants to improve their organic search results and increase website traffic. Keyword research can provide the following information based on search queries and location: 

This data will be gathered from a reliable keyword planning tool and will form the foundations of your SEO strategy and content plan. Keywords can be used throughout blog posts and to optimise web pages so you have the best chances of attracting your target audience. So, keyword research is not simply a list of words, but an in-depth research task which identifies a number of factors all while keeping in mind your target audience and the goals of your business.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

As mentioned, keyword research allows businesses to understand their audience and the type of search queries they’re making. Keywords research should be included in any optimisation plan as it’s arguably the most important SEO strategy for identifying new opportunities.

Here’s how keyword research can benefit your business:

Connect with your audience

How do you expect your audience to find you if your site doesn’t relate to their searches? The main aim of keyword research is to get yourself in front of the users that are looking for you and with a good mix of keywords you can increase your exposure locally, nationally and even internationally!

Redefining your brand and business

Keyword research can help you redefine your brand as if you don’t have a clear idea about what you’re offering then finding effective keywords is going to be hard. Go back to basics and understand your product, services and business goals, so you can target your audience with keywords that show what you’re about – search engines can only rank your website if they know what your business is.

Creating relevant content

To make your blog posts and copy as effective as possible you need to know what people are searching for, which is where keyword research comes in. There’s no point spending time on content if it isn’t optimised properly but keyword research can help with this and in turn, relevant content will improve your organic searches, clicks and actions.

Your website will stay relevant

Keyword research is an ongoing process that will keep you up to date with trends. By staying in the know with what’s being searched and the services that people want, you can remain competitive through informative blogs and optimised web pages.

How Does Keyword Research Benefit PPC Marketing?

As with SEO marketing, paid marketing campaigns such as PPC will not be as effective without quality keyword research. Quite simply, search volume corresponds with interest and if your keywords don’t match relevant search queries then your leads won’t be able to discover your ads.

For PPC you want to bid on the right keywords to give your campaigns the best chance of converting otherwise you could be throwing your budget out of the window. Keyword research will help you achieve this by giving you an insight into what your audience is searching for, not only
driving your impressions and clicks but upping your conversions too.

At the heart of every PPC campaign is a strong list of keywords. To maximise your results and find new and effective avenues to explore with your ads, keywords will get your ads in front of the people who need to see them and encourage action to be taken. Keyword research is also important for keeping your ads relevant and up to date so you can win your bid and get the most return for your investment.

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