FREE GA4 Audit Template

GA4 Audit Checklist & Template (2024)

A checklist and template guide to help you to get to grips with your Google Analytics 4 account 🚀

A Google Analytics 4 audit for digital marketers

Our Google Analytics (GA4) audit has been designed to help you get the most out of your data and get to grips with GA4.

No matter if you’re a GA4 pro or newbie, this audit will help you to start getting more from your Google Analytics account in 2024.

What is a GA4 Audit?

A GA4 audit, or Google Analytics 4 audit, is a comprehensive evaluation of your GA4 configuration and data collection practices. The aim of an audit is to ensure that your GA4 setup aligns with best practices and accurately reflects your business objectives. By performing this audit, you can identify and rectify any issues that may lead to data inaccuracies or inefficiencies in your analytics implementation.

– Account, Property & Data Stream Structure
– Data collection and modification settings
– Data display settings
– Product linking settings
– Content grouping configuration

If you haven’t setup GA4 yet why not check out our GA4 migration checklist 

Why complete a GA4 Audit?

Performing a GA4 audit can help you:

✅ Enhance Data Accuracy: Identify and fix tracking errors and misconfigurations that can lead to inaccurate data collection.

 ✅ Improve Decision Making: Reliable data allows for better strategic decisions and helps optimise your marketing strategies.

✅ Ensure Compliance: Stay compliant with privacy laws and regulations to avoid legal penalties.

✅ Maximise ROI: Optimise your analytics setup to better measure and enhance the return on your investment in marketing and advertising.

FREE Google Analytics 4 Audit Checklist includes...

40 Point Analytics Checklist

A 40 point GA4 audit template that you can use for your account, for free. Developed by our GA4 experts

Data Collection & Retention

Discover if you are following Google’s best practices for your data collection and data retention in your GA4 property.

Key Events & Conversions

Audit your key events (conversions), auto events and enhanced measurement in your Google Analytics 4 property.

Custom Definitions

Find out if you have any custom definitions set on your property or if any custom or calculated metrics have been created.

& much more...

How to use our GA4 Audit Template

1. Download or make a copy of our Google Analytics 4 audit template

2. Open your Google Analytics account

3. Follow along with each item in each tab and mark the status column as “Pass”, “Requires Attention” or “Not Applicable”.

Once completed you will have a completed audit where you can analyse your results and findings. From here you can start to prioritise your actions in order of what needs your attention first. This will then give you a roadmap towards improvement and help you to start making GA4 work for you and your business.

Need help from an expert?

Discover our GA4 Audit Services

If you haven’t got the time or need extra support then our GA4 audit services might be a better option for you.

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