The Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Logo – Explained

Well, the truth is… there isn’t actually a specific GA4 logo… for the time being anyway.

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) is just Google Analytics so the correct logo is actually the usual Google Analytics logo. However, if you do a quick search online you will find lots of examples of how people are creating their own GA4 logos to help them differentiate between Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) and Google Analytics 4 versions.

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The Google Analytics Logo

Below is where you’ll find the usual Google Analytics logo.

Google Analytics Logo

This is a .png file with a transparent background and is the most commonly used logo for Google Analytics. This is the official Google Analytics logo.

The GA4 Logo

We created our own adaptation of the Google Analytics logo to create a GA4 logo that we could use this on our internal team training materials. 

Google products use a font called “Google Sans” which is pretty much the same as the “Product Sans” font and these are quite similar to “Open Sans”.

“Google Sans” is a font restricted to use by Google on its products, so we shouldn’t really use this… however, “Open Sans” is a readily available font to everyone.

Therefore, we simply adapted the Google Analytics logo to simply add a number “4” to the end.

GA4 Logo (Standard)

Disclaimer: The following logos are not created by Google. These logos were made by our team for internal use.

GA4 Logo

This is a .png file with a transparent background.

GA4 Logo (Dark) - White logo

GA4 Logo White - Dark Background

This is a .png file with a transparent background.

GA4 Logo SVG file

We also have .svg versions of these logos which stands for “Scalable Vector Graphic”.

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