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Simply having a website does not mean you will automatically rank number one on Google. With over 200 ranking signals on Google alone, there is a lot to unpack! Join our bespoke SEO training sessions and gain the skills you need to outrank the competition. Learn how to deliver SEO strategies that get you the right traffic and the right leads.

SEO Group Training

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One-on-one SEO training

SEO training for individuals

Delivered By Experts, Tailored To You

Our training sessions are led by seasoned SEO professionals with years of industry experience. With a proven track record of delivering successful SEO campaigns and a passion for teaching, our experts will devise a training plan that perfectly fits your brand goals and skill level. Whether you are an SEO newbie or need that bit extra to get to an advanced level, we can help.

Get actionable SEO insights

Walk away with the knowledge you need and a plan to get you started. Our SEO training is all about providing you with actionable insights tailored to your brand and goals. Help your team and your company understand, prioritise and grow with search engine optimisation.

Matt Willis
Matt Willis
Account Manager | Solis Charter Group
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Very relevant to our business' needs and at a totally reasonable price. We're now seeing great results and largely have them to thank! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for aid with their digital marketing. I'm sure we'll be back in future!

Bespoke SEO Workshops & Training

Level up your SEO skills to boost your website’s search potential

SEO Training

Delivered in the right way, at the right time.
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  • Online or In-person Group or Individual
  • Group or Individual

SEO Training for Groups

Our SEO group training sessions are designed for businesses and teams looking to work together in a collaborative environment. This training format is perfect for marketing teams, content creators, web developers, and business owners who want to learn alongside peers and share insights.

Benefits of group SEO training

Collaborative Learning Environment

Working in a group setting will allow your team to better understand and retain SEO concepts. This gives you the opportunity to make the training session even more valuable and tailored, by learning from each other’s experiences and insights. 


For the budget-conscious, group training is a great way to cut costs. This budget-effective solution will help you up-skill more employees at the same time. And, with your new SEO enabled team, you can reach your goals faster! 

Customised to Group Needs

Is your content team struggling to get their pieces to rank? Or maybe your marketing team simply doesn’t understand technical SEO? Your group session can be tailored to address their specific skill gaps and help them achieve their team goals. 

Real-World Applications

Group sessions are also ideal for bringing some of the practical elements to life. Using the insights and experiences from the group, we will work on exploring how the learned SEO strategies can be best applied to your company.

Online SEO Training

Our SEO experts know how to provide an exceptional learning experience, even in an online setting. With careful planning and the use of digital technology, we can ensure your online SEO training session is just as engaging as a face-to-face course.

Face to face SEO training

We are happy to host you in our wonderful office space in Brighton. We can come to you or we meet at a third location. We’ll work with you to find the perfect location to deliver your training, in a convenient and comfortable setting of your choice.

One-To-One SEO training sessions

Our one-to-one SEO training sessions offer personalised guidance tailored to meet your specific needs. Ideal for professionals, freelancers, and business owners, these sessions provide focused attention and customised strategies to level up your SEO skills and online presence.

Benefits of One-To-One Training

Personalised Learning Experience

One-to-one training sessions allow you to individualise your training to address your unique challenges and goals on a granular level. You will be able to learn at your own pace and focus on areas most relevant to you.

Focused Attention

Get the undivided attention of an SEO expert. In your one-to-one session, all your questions are answered comprehensively and the expert is there for you and you alone. 

Customised to Your Needs

Whether you need help with keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, or content strategy, the training will be tailored to your exact needs and skill level.

Flexible Scheduling

One-to-one sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, allowing you to fit training into your busy schedule without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Real-World Applications

Apply the concepts learned directly to your website and projects. This hands-on approach ensures that you can implement SEO strategies immediately and see tangible results.

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