Account management


Results driven

We offer a bespoke PPC management service to a wide variety of clients.

Whether you are a small startup or an established brand, our experience and expertise makes sure that your PPC Marketing is in the right hands.


Your business, our business

We undertake extensive research and analysis to get to know your business inside out.

This enables us to set up targeted and granular campaigns while providing us with reliable and actionable data. We can then optimise your account accurately. Account management that you can trust.

The key areas


We undertake extensive keyword research, market research and competitor analysis to scope out your market. We get to know your product or service inside out. We then construct and plan the best PPC strategies for you.

Account set-up

We work with our best practice of a granular set-up. This enables full account optimisation in the future. Campaigns, adgroups and keywords are meticulously planned and reviewed before implementation. The same goes for ad copies, extensions and banner ads. Everything is designed for clicks and the gathering of reliable and actionable data.


Our account optimisation practice looks into all areas of your account to assess where we can make changes based on what the data tells us. Our best optimisation practices are implemented through every stage of your account set-up and management, this ensures stability, organisation and full transparency.


We believe that reporting should be simple and understandable. We avoid long spreadsheets of data that only the office code breaker can decipher. We therefore use automated, online visual reports that connect directly with your data. This means that you can access your reports at any time, anywhere. You don’t even need to wait until the monthly report is sent out.

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