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PPC For Gyms and Fitness businesses can give excellent results. You just need to make sure that your campaigns are taking the right approach for your target audience and market. We’ve been providing Google Ads & Facebook Ads Management to Studio Society, a unique multi-sensory fitness experience in London. We’re delighted to share the following results.

Increase In Memberships
0 %
Increase In Clicks
0 %
Increase In Impressions
120 %


Studio Socety approached us looking to take their PPC marketing to the next level. They had tried some Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns in the past with some good results but they wanted to get a more cohesive and shared strategy between the two platforms. They also wanted to get tighter control on their remarketing campaigns as well as refine their ad copy and design.

PPC stands for pay-per-click online advertising. PPC for gyms is pay-per-click online advertising for gyms and fitness centres.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Instagram are the most recommended pay-per-click online advertising platforms for gyms. These platforms allow you to reach potential customers with advanced location and radius targeting settings. This allows you to run effective, local campaigns in the surrounding areas of your business.

You will most likely pay for your ad clicks on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. There are other models such as cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) but in most circumstances you will be using the CPC payment model. If you are managing your campaigns yourself then you will have no further cost, but if you are working with a PPC agency or consultant, then they will also charge a fee for their services. Then it’s about working out what is achievable with your marketing budget.

Remarketing is a term used to describe advertising to people who have already engaged with your website or brand. It is often used to encourage people to return to your website to complete a valuable action, such as a purchase or sign up.

No, you can use the PPC platforms that you want and pick the platforms that suit your marketing goals and budget. You can still get good results by only using one platform but some businesses like to use a combination of platforms to reach as many people as possible.


Google Ads & Facebook Paid Social Audit

Auditing an account is always a great place to start because it gives us the opportunity to dig deep into the performance data and look for opportunities and improvements in your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account. We completed an audit for Studio Society and we were able to develop a PPC marketing plan using the historical account data. We found opportunities in the Generic keyword targeting strategy and within the location targeting approach.

Generic Keyword Strategy

The opportunity with the Generic keywords was that they could be performing a lot better. In fact, the Generic keywords themselves had not been responsible for many conversions in the account when comparing against historical data. Mostly it was the Brand terms that were driving conversions. We therefore decided to completely restructure the Generic campaigns, implement new and more precise targeting and focus on keywords that were extremely relevant to the fitness classes.

Location Targeting

The data told us that the location targeting in the account was far too wide and too broad. When we drilled the data down we found that the majority of our membership sign ups were coming from few select areas and postcodes. It made sense to put more focus on these locations in order to invest in already performing locations. This would help ensure that we were placing budget in locations most likely to give us a return on investment. We stopped targeting the wider and more further afield areas, instead we introduced a location specific campaign that included location names in the keywords.

Ad Copy Review

For both the Facebook and Google Ads ad copies, we put forward some key suggestion on how to adapt the creatives to become more engaging for the audience.  We worked with the team at Studio Society to create new and compelling text ad copies for Google ads. We utilised all opportunities for text such as the headline 3 and description 2 options and decided on a brand tone of voice. For Facebook ads, we put forward a creative brief for the designer to develop some new creatives. We focused on each Facebook and Instagram placement and worked to create ads that would utilise all the different ad formats available. One key areas was making sure that Instagram & Facebook stories ads were actually being created in the right size and format for this placement. It was also important to test very short video lengths in any moving image ad creatives to suit the targeted placements they were running on and to make sure we got the Studio Society message across quickly.

Facebook & Instagram Stories Ads

We initially saw some great success with our new Instagram and Facebook stories ads. This format was working really well so we decided to develop more creatives in this format and test even shorter video lengths. We found that our 10 second and 30 second stories ads were outperformed by our stories ads at 6-8 seconds in legnth.

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PPC Landing Page Review

After the initial work on the account, we then turned our attention to the landing page experience. More specifically we completed a PPC landing page review which used Google’s page speed insights tool and focused on analysing the quality score in the account. We then filtered this down by device and looked at the key components of quality score and how they were performing. By completing this process we were able to make suggestions for improvement.

Studio Society then worked with their web design team to enact some of the changes and we proceeded to make tests on the performance once these changes had been made. 

We then encouraged them to undertake an SEO audit of their site to provide additional information to them about further optimisations that could be made. 


Increase In Memberships
15 %
Increase In Clicks
10 %
Increase In Impressions
0 %
Increase In Conv. Rate
20 %

The ongoing work we do on PPC for gym and fitness business, Studio Society, continues to yield great results.

We have seen an increase of 46% in conversions and a 60% increase in clicks.

Our overall impressions have been up by 146% and we were able to increase the conversion rates on our Generic campaigns by as much as 120%.

This has all been achieve through dedicated Google Ads PPC management as well as proactive, Facebook paid social PPC strategies. 

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