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Don’t let the competition outrank you!

Stay ahead of your competitors in SEO

Don’t let the competition outrank you on Google or any other search engine. With our SEO competitors analysis services, you’ll understand what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it.

What can our SEO competitor analysis be used for?

👀 Keep a close eye on your competitors

If you are planning to stay top of SERPS in your industry, keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing is a no-brainer. If any of these apply to you, our SEO competitors analysis services can help:

🏰 Your competitor has always outranked you for business-critical keywords.

🔥 You used to rank but now your competition has outranked you.

🙈 There is a new player in the market who seems to be gaining top positions rapidly.

💪 You’re entering a new market and you want to know how competitive it is and what the competition is doing in SEO.

🏆 You want to benchmark your SEO performance against your competitors as a reference against which you can measure growth.

Sound familiar? Then you need our competitor analysis!

Provide a better search experience than your competition

At Vixen, we believe that an SEO competitor analysis should not be driven by stealing traffic. It should be grounded in your company providing a better experience on search for your customers.

Our SEO competitors’ audits don’t just show you what the competition is doing and replicate it. They provide you with ideas and recommendations on how to do it better and how to delight your customers on your website.

All our competitor audits are bespoke and customised. And, we work with you closely to understand and pinpoint who your competition on search actually is. We aim to answer who in your industry provides that exceptional search experience that you can learn from. And, how can you elevate this even further.

Karen Howard
Karen Howard
Managing Director | The Retail Bulletin
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We have been working with the Vixen Digital team for over a year now. They are creative, dedicated and have exceeded expectations with results and ideas. This is the first SEO agency in a decade that has actually delivered what they promised and then more!
Ross Davison
Ross Davison
Creative Director | Fable&Co.
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Maggie & the team at Vixen Digital have played a crucial role in the continued growth & success of our business. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together since 2020. We highly recommend Maggie & her team to anyone looking for expert digital marketing services.
Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen
CCO | Dressipi
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Absolutely brilliant in supporting my marketing team in going from no SEO experience or exposure whatsoever to being able to grow and inbound pipeline. I would use them again and again.
Manitu Szerman
Manitu Szerman
CEO | Universal Language Solutions
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Vixen Digital has provided our company with vital support, insight and consultancy across all our digital marketing platforms. I like how they manage expectations and don't over promise, which has been essential for our planning and budgeting.
Nick Lambert
Nick Lambert
Co-Founder | The Red Dog Company
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Vixen have been looking after our digital marketing for almost two years now; during that time we have seen a significant growth in online sales, and a positive return on investment, so very pleased with the result.

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Learn from your competition with a package that fits your budget

Our packages are designed to fit your budget and the level of insights you require into your competitor’s SEO strategy. Pick a package from the below that best fits your needs.


Great for small businesses looking to understand the basics of their competitor’s SEO strategy



per competitor (+ VAT)

Domain Rating Analysis: Analyzing the competitor domain rating relative to your business

Referring Domains Comparison: Comparison of referring domains

Percentage of Non-Brand Keywords: Determining the percentage of non-brand keywords

Link Profile Strategy Gaps: Identifying gaps in the link profile strategy compared to competitor

Top Pages Link Profile: Overview of the link profiles of top pages

Main SEO Growth Strategy: Analysis of the main growth strategies adopted by competitor


Best for medium businesses
that are intent on understanding their SEO strategy in more detail



per competitor (+ VAT)

Includes all elements of the Basic Package, PLUS…

Advanced Link Profile Strategy Gaps: In-depth analysis of link profile strategy gaps 

Extended Top Pages Link Profile: Detailed analysis of the link profiles of top pages 

Extended Main Growth Strategy Insights: Detailed insights into the main growth SEO strategies adopted by competitor

Core Website Vitals Assessment: Assessment of core website vitals and comparison with competitors.


Ideal for enterprise businesses looking to go beyond SEO and understand the social strategy of their competitors



per competitor (+ VAT)

Includes all elements of the Standard Package, PLUS…

Social Media Presence Organic: Evaluation of organic social media presence of competitors.

Social Media Presence Paid: Assessment of paid social media presence of competitors.

Advanced Insights and Recommendations: Customized insights and recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of competitors.

What else does our SEO competitor analysis include?

Every package comes with:

With recommendations on how to serve your target audience better than your competition on SERPs

We will arrange a consultation call with you to discuss your competitor analysis findings. We help you to understand exactly what you need to next to establish yourself above your competition. 

Learn how to create a successful SEO strategy for your business.

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