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What Is Link Building?

Link building describes the process of acquiring links (known as backlinks) to your website from other websites and people on the internet. 

In SEO, links to your website hold a lot of value. Search engines will analyse your backlink profile and use this as one of their major factors in determining where you should rank for your target keywords. This is because you can tell a lot about any website by the links that they have.

Think of it like a word of mouth recommendation, the more recommendations you have, the more likely you are to be a trustworthy service provider. The search engine algorithms follow this same logic but they will also consider the source of the link. For example, if a link comes from a high authority, then that one link alone can be worth dozens of links from a website of low authority.

Why do I need to build links?

Links are one of the ingredients to make the fuel your website needs to rank for your target keywords. We can call this “link juice”.

You need link juice to propel your website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

If you don’t build links then you’re not getting that fuel. This is because you are not showing Google that you are a trustworthy business or service provider. If you don’t have any links, how does Google know that it can trust you? If no one is talking about you or recommending you, then why should Google recommend you?

Links allow you to show Google that you are a legitimate and credible business. Links show that you are an authority or expert within your field and that Google should be recommending you to other people searching for your services.

How Do I Build Links?

There are many ways to build links and often it can be made to seem very complicated. The truth is, link building isn’t that complicated when you break it down. It just takes time and hard work. Think about it, what would make you recommend a product or service to a friend? Something that exceeded your expectations, was really impressive or useful or made your life easier right!? And that’s the trick, you just need to make sure that your link building strategy starts with these questions, whether you are developing a new piece of content or delivering on a new project, ask yourself;

How can I deliver exceptional service?

What would really help this person/business out?

What would be helpful that hasn’t been done before?

These questions will give you a great start in producing something that someone is likely to recommend or link to for other people to also enjoy. All because it made their life better, easier or they learned something valuable.

Guest Posting

One strategy for link building is guest posting. Guest posting is when you identify some high authority websites in your industry and you ask if they would let you write an article or post for their site. Usually by writing an article or a collection of articles for another website, you’ll be able to link to your website in your articles or author profile.
Guest posting is a great way to get your business on recognised and trusted websites and it can be a super powerful tool in your link building strategy.


It’s also worth trying dabbling into hosting events or webinars. You could offer in-person or online training sessions which will not only show-off your expertise but will also help you get more links. Think about it, if you’re a dog groomer and you host an event about how to correctly cut your dog’s claws, you could have an online sign up form or a page on your website discussing the event and it’s scheduling. People who are interested in the event will be sharing your link with friends, but you could also reach out to all your local networking groups and newspapers. You could ask them to share the details and the link to your event through their channels, who knows, some of them might even put your link on their website. Also, if you can record the event, people who could not be in attendance could still take part in your workshop afterwards, potentially getting you more links or internet shares.

Link Bait & Killer Content

One of the best link building strategies is simple; create amazing, informative and super helpful content. If you can create content that is the best in it’s topic or subject matter then it’s a sure fire way to encourage more links. In addition to this, think about “link bait” or something that is almost impossible not to share. We’ve all been there, we’ve seen a meme or an infographic that was hilarious, incredibly helpful or interesting and you just can’t help but not share it!


Another method is the good old fashioned outreach and networking strategy. Get in touch with people in your industry that you respect or inspire you. Develop relationships and simply ask if there is a way that they’d be willing to link to your website. Sometimes they may ask for something in return like a quote or a comment on a particular comment. They may ask for a fully written post or article for their site. Either way, a great way to get good links is to build relationships and develop your network.

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