Mastering Multilingual SEO with Isaline Muelhauser

In an increasingly globalised online marketplace, the importance of multilingual SEO cannot be overstated. When expanding to new markets, businesses face the challenge of translating and localising their content to ensure it is culturally sensitive and appropriate for each target audience. The latest episode of SEOs Getting Coffee, featuring Sean Carroll, Emina Demiri-Watson, and special guest Isaline Muelhauser, delved deep into this topic. As a Multilingual SEO Consultant Isaline offered valuable insights and actionable strategies for businesses and SEO professionals alike.

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SEOs Getting Coffee - Episode #17: Mastering Multilingual SEO with Isaline Muelhauser

Understanding Multilingual vs. International SEO

At the heart of the discussion was the differentiation between multilingual and international SEO. Multilingual SEO focuses on adapting website content for various linguistic groups, possibly within the same country, as is common in multilingual nations like Switzerland. On the other hand, international SEO targets multiple countries, which may involve creating multilingual content or optimising the same language content for different regions. Isaline Muelhauser’s expertise in handling multilingual websites within Switzerland’s unique linguistic landscape provided a practical perspective on these nuances.

The Translation and Localisation Conundrum

A key takeaway from the conversation was the distinction between translation and localisation. Translation, while a critical first step, often fails to address the cultural and contextual nuances that affect how content is received by different audiences. Localisation goes beyond mere translation, adapting content to fit the cultural, societal, and linguistic contexts of the target market. Isaline emphasised the importance of prioritising content for localisation based on its potential impact, suggesting a traffic light system (red for automatic translation, green for full localisation) to efficiently allocate resources.

Keyword Research and Cultural Nuances

Effective multilingual SEO is underpinned by meticulous keyword research and an understanding of the target audience’s search behaviour. Tools like Ahrefs were recommended for their capability to handle low-volume search queries characteristic of niche markets. The discussion also highlighted the importance of recognising when audiences might search in English rather than their native language, underscoring the need for a nuanced approach to keyword selection and content creation.

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Budget Considerations and Strategic Planning

Expanding into multilingual SEO requires careful planning and budgeting. Businesses must consider the cost-benefit ratio of translating and localising content for new markets. Isaline’s approach of categorising content based on importance and potential ROI provides a strategic framework for businesses to follow. Engaging cultural and language experts can further enhance the localisation process, ensuring content not only translates accurately but also engages and resonates with the target audience.


The conversation on SEOs Getting Coffee underscored the intricate balance between translation, localisation, and SEO optimisation in reaching global audiences. As businesses strive to expand their digital presence across linguistic and cultural borders, the insights and strategies shared by Sean Carroll, Emina Demiri-Watson, and Isaline Muelhauser offer a roadmap for effectively engaging international audiences. With careful planning, strategic investment in localisation, and a deep understanding of cultural nuances, businesses can unlock the full potential of multilingual SEO to drive growth and build global brand resonance.

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