SEO Tips: Navigating Broken Backlinks, 404 Errors, and AI Integration

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SEOs Getting Coffee - Episode #7: Broken backlinks and 404s

In the most recent instalment of “SEOs Getting Coffee,” SEO experts Emina Demiri-Watson and Sean Carroll engage in an informative discussion about the intricacies of SEO. This week’s episode brings to light Sean’s discovery on Land Rover’s website, where broken backlinks reached a staggering 5,500. They not only dissect this shocking finding but also delve into broader topics such as 404 errors, HTTP status codes, and AI integration in SEO tools.

Unveiling Land Rover's Broken Backlinks

The conversation begins with Sean sharing a noteworthy observation: Land Rover’s website, a behemoth in the automotive industry, harbouring around 5,500 broken backlinks. This revelation sparks a discussion on the implications for a brand of such magnitude and sets the stage for an exploration of the SEO challenges associated with 404 errors.

The Crucial Dialogue on 404 Errors

Sean and Emina emphasise the significance of discussing best practices for handling 404 errors. Contrary to the misconception that all 404 pages are benign, the duo stresses the need for a nuanced approach. The conversation touches on the acceptable limits of 404 errors and their impact on a website’s overall health.

Navigating the Complexity of HTTP Status Codes

As the episode unfolds, Sean and Emina delve into the complexity of HTTP status codes, particularly in the context of 404 errors. The SEOs underscore the importance of choosing the right status codes for redirects, placing a special emphasis on preserving a positive user experience during these navigational changes.

Tracking and Reporting Challenges of 404 Errors

Acknowledging the challenges associated with tracking and reporting 404 errors, the conversation sheds light on the importance of proactive monitoring. Sean and Emina emphasise the need for effective reporting mechanisms, especially in scenarios where a large volume of errors might complicate the task.

The Broader Impact of Broken Backlinks on SEO

In a thought-provoking shift, the conversation pivots to the prevalent trend of unnecessary AI integration in various SEO tools. Sean and Emina express concerns about potential negative effects on user experience and performance, urging a critical evaluation of the relevance of AI integration in specific contexts.

Closing Thoughts: Practical Insights for Your SEO Journey

As the episode concludes, Sean and Emina summarise their practical insights. From broken backlinks to 404 errors, HTTP status codes, and AI integration, the conversation offers tangible pieces for a comprehensive and real-world SEO strategy.

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