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SEOs Getting Coffee - Episode #3: Google Helpful Content Update

In SEO, keeping up with the latest trends and Google’s evolving guidelines is essential. In the third episode of “SEOs Getting Coffee,” SEO aficionados Emina Demiri-Watson and Sean Carroll delved into some of the most pressing topics in SEO at the moment.  

The discussion touches upon Google’s stance on content created solely for search rankings, the balance between SEO intent and quality traffic, the unique standards for high domain authority sites, freedom of expression within the SEO field, and the frustrations surrounding the frequent changes in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Join us as we unpack these insights…

Google's SEO Stance: Balancing SEO Intent with Content Quality

The conversation kicked off with a focus on Google’s stance regarding content created with the sole purpose of improving search rankings. Sean expressed his concerns about Google’s recent statement, which suggested that content generated primarily for search ranking purposes might be considered unhelpful. This viewpoint seemed contradictory to the fundamental objective of SEO – to enhance search visibility and draw more visitors to websites.

On the flip side, Emina supported Google’s perspective. She emphasised the importance of prioritising the quality of traffic and conversion over sheer traffic volume. Emina underscored that content should always align with the needs and intent of the right audience.

Key Insights:

  • Google’s recent stance suggests that content created solely for search ranking purposes may be deemed unhelpful.
  • SEO professionals should balance SEO intent with the quality of traffic and conversion.

SEO and Purpose: Finding the Right Balance

The debate continued, shifting the focus to the primary purpose of SEO. Sean argued that SEO’s primary goal is to secure higher rankings and boost website traffic. He pointed out the alignment of this objective with Google’s advertising platform, where businesses seek increased visibility.

Emina emphasised that SEO professionals should give priority to attracting high-quality traffic that converts. She highlighted the significance of creating content with an audience-centric approach, rather than solely for the purpose of ranking.

High Authority Sites and SEO: A Different Standard?

The discussion then shifted to high-domain authority news sites. Sean raised questions about whether these sites should be held to different standards, given their inclination to publish unrelated content for the sake of SEO optimisation. This debate around authority sites and their SEO practices is an ongoing topic in the industry.

Expertise and Freedom of Expression: Breaking Free from Pigeonholes

Sean advocated for the importance of allowing individuals the freedom to express their opinions on a wide range of topics. He believed that people should not be confined to specific niches and should have the liberty to discuss various subjects.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4): A Frequent Frustration for Content Creators

The conversation culminated with a discussion of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Both Sean and Emina expressed their dissatisfaction with the frequent changes in GA4’s admin panel. Although Emina found the new design more user-friendly, the rapid updates have been a source of frustration.

They highlighted the challenges faced by content creators, including the constant need to update existing articles and courses. Sean humorously suggested placing GA4 in “Room 404,” symbolising a metaphorical place for discarded or problematic ideas.

Concluding Thoughts

This week’s episode of “SEOs getting coffee” highlighted the ever-evolving nature of SEO requires staying informed about Google’s guidelines and adapting to changes. The discussion between Emina and Sean offered valuable insights into the challenges faced by SEO professionals and content creators. It underscored the need for a balanced approach that combines SEO intent with content quality while navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

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