Google Ads Keyboard Shortcuts 2020 (AdWords) [Infographic]

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Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate your way around Google Ads?

No!? Well get ready to save heaps of time and speed up your workflow when you’re managing your ad accounts. 

We’ve even made you a super cool infographic that you can download for FREE below.

Google Ads Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

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What are keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are actions that you can perform on your computer or laptop. It is when you use a combination of keys to perform a task in a software program that you’re using.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to make faster changes and actions rather than using a more manual approach. 

One of the most common keyboard shortcuts used across many computer programs is the “Copy” and “Paste”  keyboard shortcuts.

Copy = Ctrl or ⌘ + C

Paste = Ctrl or ⌘ + V

By pressing a key or combination of keys, you can quickly do things that would normally require multiple clicks. These shortcuts can save you time when adjusting settings or checking your reports.

What keyboard shortcuts does Google Ads have?

Like many other computer programs and pieces of software, Google Ads has keyboard shortcuts. You can learn and use these when you are in the Google Ads interface to speed up your workflow and more quickly navigate your way around your accounts.

Google Ads: General Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutWhat it does
?Show or hide the shortcuts list
G then TSearch for a page
Shift + NCreate a new item. This works anywhere that you see a plus button 
Shift + WShow or hide the navigation panel on the far left-hand side
Ctrl ⌘ + CCopy
Ctrl ⌘ + VPaste
Shift + HShow or hide the help menu
Shift + RRefresh data

Google Ads: Navigate Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutWhat it does
G then BGo to the Billing page
G then OGo to the Overview page
G then YGo to the Opportunities page
G then CGo to the Campaigns page
Shift + AGo to the All campaigns view, after you’ve clicked into a campaign
G then JGo to the Ad groups page
G then AGo to the Ads page
G then XGo to the Extensions page
G then KGo to the Keywords page
G then SGo to the Settings page

Google Ads: Manager Account Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutWhat it does
G then UGo to the Managed accounts page

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Google Ads

Google Ads keyboard shortcuts are really easy to use! But, like anything it may take a little bit of getting used to – especially if it’s your first time using keyboard shortcuts.

You can follow the below instructions to practice the different types of keyboard shortcuts available in Google Ads.

Remember, practice makes perfect! 

The more you start using these shortcuts in your day to day Google Ads account management the better. Soon enough you will know them by heart and they’ll be engrained into your memory!

But in the meantime, don’t forget to download our infographic. You could even print it out and display it next to your workspace to help you learn & practice the shortcuts.

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