Facebook Ads: The Complete Interest Targeting List 2020 [Infographic]

Facebook Ads Interest Targeting List Image

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2021 Update

Looking for a full list of the interests you can target on Facebook ads? Well look no further! 

We’ve created this infographic to help you see what interests are available to target, all in one place, without having to go through them all in the facebook ad manager.

Our clients often ask us what interests we can target on Facebook, so we thought what better way to show them than a nice, eye catching infographic!?

You can share it, embed it, print it or even use it to share with your clients.

What is Facebook ads interest targeting?

Facebook allows you to create advertising campaigns that target people based upon their interests. This allows you to target an audience based upon information that they’ve included in their profiles, pages, groups and other features.

This can include the information a person has shared with Facebook, like their interests & favourite activities, their favourite music, bands or artists or maybe even their favourite films and TV programmes or series.

How to target interests on Facebook ads.

Go to your Facebook ad account and start a new campaign or open up your existing campaign.

If you are starting a new campaign, you can start by selecting a campaign objective.

Facebook ads campaign objective

Then, when Facebook takes you to the Ad Set setup, you can select which interests to target by going to the “audience” section, selecting “detailed targeting” and “browse”.

Interest targeting Facebook

This is where you will see a drop down list of available interests.

Need help with setting up interest targeting on Facebook ads?

If you need help with your Facebook paid social strategy or with setting up your facebook ads, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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