Using LinkedIn Ads for eCommerce

A corporate gifting case study

An innovative marketing challenge

We were approached by globally recognised chocolate brand Lindt & Sprüngli AG to help them with an innovative paid ads campaign utilising LinkedIn Ads.

Now LinkedIn Ads is not usually the first platform that comes to mind for eCommerce, however, we were specifically focusing on running a digital marketing campaign for this luxury brand’s corporate gifting range during the Christmas period in November and December.


conversions (sales)
300 k
60 k

Results from a 6-week campaign

Summary of initial planning

For Lindt’s LinkedIn audience in the UK, we identified key sectors such as Financial, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Telecommunications as high-converting. We decided against industry segmentation due to small audience sizes. Noticing a predominance of female queries, we chose not to segment by gender.

We suggested using a company size filter, targeting companies with 250+ employees initially, and aiming for an audience size over 100,000. We focused on ‘likely converters’ and the ‘buying committee’ in our targeting. Specific large companies were included for segmentation.

Our strategy involved constructing an audience based on company size, job role, and location, targeting around 130,000 prospects. We avoided using seniority filters due to data inconsistencies.

We recommended splitting the audience into ‘Likely Converters’ (higher budget) and ‘Buying Committee’ (lower budget), plus a remarketing audience from Lindt’s customer database. We also highlighted the need for ongoing optimisations and considering sales roles for expanded reach.

LinkedIn Ads Design Brief

The campaign included three audience groups and four distinct campaigns, each with a unique design and ad copy requirements.

  1. Campaign 1 (Likely Converters) featured two ad groups: a carousel ad showcasing Lindt’s best-selling corporate products, and an image ad. Both ad groups were to test the effectiveness of different formats in driving demand.

  2. Campaign 2 (Buying Committee) used the same image ads as the Likely Converters group to maintain consistency in messaging and branding.

  3. Campaign 3 (Remarketing) aimed to reconnect with past site visitors using image ads with compelling copy and a clear call to action.

Each campaign was meticulously planned with specific design needs, focusing on the unique aspects of Lindt’s products and branding, while targeting different audience segments effectively.

Results & Conclusion

The integration of strategic audience targeting and creative messaging yielded highly positive results. The campaigns achieved over £90k in revenue, with 365 unique purchases, supported by the use of LinkedIn Ads. Our LinkedIn campaign generated 1230 clicks and 341,910 impressions and 154 conversions. Remarketing emerged as the standout audience, contributing significantly to conversions. The success of this campaign illustrates the potent combination of precise audience segmentation and compelling ad creatives in driving tangible business outcomes.

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