Maggie Carroll

Maggie Carroll


Maggie is a passionate paid media specialist who really knows her stuff—she’s been working with big players like Google and Microsoft Ads for over 10 years. From her University of Sussex Media & Cultural Studies (BA) and Digital Media (MA) degrees, she gained an understanding of how digital marketing can help businesses thrive. She’s also worked with recognisable names such as EDF Energy, Vision Direct, and Drusillas Park.

What Maggie loves most about her job is getting to know each client and their unique needs, and then finding creative solutions that work for them.

With her background in media studies and extensive knowledge of paid ads platforms, Maggie is the perfect person to help any business grow through digital marketing initiatives. Her enthusiasm for problem-solving and creative thinking make sure she delivers results every time.

When she’s not at work, you can find Maggie exploring new places or going on hikes with her family in the mountains. She also enjoys indulging in spa days where she can relax and take some time out from it all. But did you know that Maggie is a skilled knitter too? Yep—she has quite a varied range of interests!

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