Install Google Tag Manager On WordPress Using A Plugin

Learn how to install Google Tag Manager on your WordPress website using a WordPress plugin.

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Want to avoid using too many plugins on your WordPress site? Find out how to install Google Tag Manager on your WordPress website without using a plugin.

hi everyone it’s Sean from Vixen Digital, PPC agency in Brighton. Today I’m

going to be showing you how to install Google tag manager on your WordPress

website using a wordpress plugin so without further delay let’s get started

everyone so I’m going to show you very quickly how to install Google tag

manager onto your WordPress website using a plug-in rather than implementing

the code manually so we’re going to copy the actual container ID here and just

copy that over go over to your WordPress dashboard and if you navigate to plugins

and add new now we’re going to search for plugins and we’re going to search

for Google tag manager and I suggest that you use this one which is by Thomas

Geiger Google tag manager for WordPress install now

okay and activate

and in and in if you navigate to settings and then Google tag manager

you’ll see this plug-in available here so here it says the Google tag manager

ID so we’re just going to paste our tag manager ID in there and save changes so

once those changes are saved I’m gonna go and open up my store in a different

tab so here’s my website my my fake shop and there’s two ways that we can check

this one is through the tag assistant so I’m gonna enable that and I’m going to

refresh the page and we can see that that Google tag manager code is now in

place I’m also going to go over to back to the Google tag manager interface and

I’m going to go to preview and I’m going to enter the preview and debug mode I’m

gonna go back to my website and I’m gonna refresh and we should get the

debug pop-up there we go and this will this confirms that the the Google tag

manager is all set up correctly now you can go through and check all your pages

but there shouldn’t be any need to but one thing that we just want to make sure

to do just right at the end this we can leave preview mode and I’m just going to

make sure that this Google tag manager is actually initialized so I’m just

gonna publish that okay I hope that helps look forward to seeing you back

here soon.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool. It helps you to manage your marketing tags on your website or mobile app and enables you to easily set up tracking to understand how people engage with your website.

Google Tag Manager can be used for many purposes but mostly it can be used to implement different types of tracking. For example, you can use it to install your Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Analytics tracking and your Facebook pixel tracking.

Google Tag Manager is accessible to everyone. It can take a little bit of practice but it makes it a lot easier to set up your tracking tags, without having to hire a web developer.

1. Copy your GTM container ID

Open up your Google Tag Manager account and go to the container you wish to install on your website. You will need to copy the GTM container ID. This usually takes the following format:


Google Tag Manager Container ID

2. Install The WordPress Plugin

Install this WordPress plugin on your WordPress website.

Install GTM WordPress With Plugin By Thomas Geiger

This plugin was created by Thomas Geiger and is by far the best we have come across so far. You can read more about it on the website here.

Alternatively, you can head over to your WordPress dashboard and navigate down to “plugins”. Click to “add new” plugin and search for “Google Tag Manager” in the search box. Find the Thomas Geiger GTM4WP plugin

Google Tag Manager For WordPress Plugin By Thomas Geiger

3. Paste Your GTM Container ID

Once your plugin is installed, you then need to go to the “settings” section on your WordPress dashboard and select “Google Tag Manager”.

Here is where you can paste your GTM Container ID code. Once you have done that you can click the “Save Changes” button.

And there you have it! Google Tag Manager will now be installed on your website with the plugin. 

You can double check this by using  Google Tag Assistant or entering the “preview and debug” mode in Google Tag Manager. You can read more about how to do this in our alternative setup guide: “How To Create And Install Google Tag Manager On WordPress”. This guide teaches you how to install Google Tag Manager on your WordPress site without using a plugin.

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